The Maas Boat Company was founded in 1984 by Chris Maas.  Chris fundamentally changed the sport of open water rowing.  When Chris first started rowing, open water rowing shells had very high-sides to try to keep the water out.  Unfortunately, high sides also keep the water in.  Chris realized that a boat with a very low volume, self-draining cockpit was both faster and safer than the older high-sided boats.  His Aero was the first boat to follow this design philosophy and was soon followed by other boats from other companies.

We are dedicated to getting people on the water in light, fast, fun boats.  We have five rowing shells: the Aero is our most stable and suitable for the roughest conditions, the Maas 24 (for rowers up to 240 lbs) and the Flyweight (for rowers up to 140 lbs) for open water racing, the Single is a versatile and rugged flat water club racing single, and the Maas 2x which is an unmatched open water racing machine.