Sale Price: $3500 (includes bailer already installed)

This boat has several small bridges on the hull.  This is not uncommon in a carbon boat. Usually we see them while in the process of building and can repair them while the boat is still in the mold. However, in this case, the boat was built with a trainee and many bridges were missed.  Several of the large ones have been repaired, but there are still a few very small ones that have not been repaired.  These may or may not break open over time. Our experience has been that most small bridges do not crack open unless they have been hit hard – so in the normal course of rowing, there isn’t a problem. However, the shell should be inspected for damage occasionally and if one of these bridges has cracked, it can be repaired or simply covered with waterproof tape.

This boat also has considerable “print through” which simply means that you can obviously see the weave of the fiberglass cloth – this is strictly cosmetic and poses no structural concerns.  It is very difficult to capture a bridge or print through in a photograph. The green tape marks just show the areas where there are very small bridges.

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