Since it’s inception, The Maas Boat Company has lead the industry in innovative design, attention to detail, quality, and performance. Chris Maas revolutionized open water racing by building boats with minimal cockpit volume, fast, stable hulls, and lightweight, yet robust, construction that rivaled  flat water racing shells. For over three decades our boats have been the choice of serious open water racers on both coasts. They are also prized by clubs for their stability and responsiveness which make them able and fun instructional boats for novices. Throughout the country you will find 20 and 30 year old Maas Aeros and 24s used daily to introduce newcomers to sculling. Given proper care and handling, our boats will last over thirty years in regular use.  (Many even last this long when neglected or abused!)


Case in Point – The Maas Footboard

While many manufacturers buy out the footboard or install a flat wooden or composite “board” with slots for a single velcro strap to secure your feet, we manufacturer our own footboards with a contoured footbed.  These turn up at the toes to support the drive like today’s expensive step-in binding systems.  We also provide four inch wide padded neoprene footstraps with two velcro closures per foot – much more comfortable and practical in an open water boat where your feet are going to get wet.





Given the acknowledged performance of our boats and their long life, it is not surprising that used Maas boats hold their value and are in high demand. Many older boats sell for prices close to, or even greater than, their original purchase price. Maas boats advertised on the internet usually sell fast, many on the same day that they are posted. Considering that a thirty year old Aero originally sold for less than $1,800, the daily cost of that investment is less than 13 cents a day! Similarly, a twenty year old Aero costs less than 28 cents a day. At a base price of $5,800, a 2018 Winged Aero will cost less than 79 cents a day over twenty years  – less than a third of the average daily Starbucks fix.


Case in Point – Used Maas Resales

This 1990 Aero with the original contoured wooden clogs was resold in 2005 for $2,200.  

    Examples of other boats resold at or above their original price:

        1988 Aero resold in 2007 for $1,800.

        1986 Aero resold for in 2015 $1,850.

Over three decades worth of Maas boats remain on the water, and this fleet of Maas shells retains its value. These used boats regularly compete favorably with new shells from other builders.



From its inception, the Maas Boat Company has prided itself on offering the highest quality at prices comparable to shells of lesser quality. This model is not sustainable in today’s global market. Throughout the rowing shell industry prices have been increasing rapidly to keep up with the costs of maintaining product quality and its associated value. We have found that our customers are willing to pay more for the extra quality and value we provide.